Abbreviated dialing
Access code modification
Accessible while alerting
Account code
Account name
Adjunct data link protocol
Advice of charge coefficient
Advice of charge coefficient as divider
AES-256 media encryption
Alerting message
Alerting transfers do not clear
Alternative routes
Alternative route causes
Alternative ACD system messages
Always try to sieze first port
ANI (automatic number identification)
Any IP adress can register
A-Party (calling party) analysis
Analog trunk to trunk connects
Answer camped call
Attendant positions
Authorization modified tone
Auto dialing
Auto dialer frequencies for detection
Automatic attendant
Automatic Call Distribution ACD

B-Party (called party) analysis
Boot Xymphony
Busy transfers do not clear
Busy message
Busy message download
Busy message remove
Busy message upload
Busy tone

Call back
Call center
Call class
Call forwarding busy
Call forwarding no reply
Call forwarding unconditional
Call hold
Call hold disabled
Call intrusion
Call intrusion authorization
Call park
Call pickup
Call resume
Call routing
Call status
Call suspend
Call transfer
Called party (B-Party) analysis
Called party numbering plan
Caller ID
Calling party (A-Party) analysis
Calling party filtering
Calling plans
Camp on
Camp on if no channel
Camp on tone
Campon with alerting tone
Camp on with busy tone
Charge pulse limit per call
Charge pulse on answer
Charge pulse on connection
Charge pulse period
Clear held calls
CMDR (Call Message Detailed Record)
Common pool edit
Confirmation tone
Copy routing table
Copy user properties
Credited extension
Credit edit
CTI (computer telephony integration)

Declare external IP address (for H.323)
Declare external IP address (for SIP)
Default max-forwards
Delayed digits as DTMF
Delayed hot line
Delayed hot line tone
Dial tone
Dial from user pool
Dial from common pool
Dial from directory
DID (direct inward dialing)
Divert routed calls
Diversion active tone
DNS server IP address
Do not disturb
DVR (digital voice recorder)

Enable advice of charge identifier
Enable connected number identifier
Enable pending call warning
Enable progress indicator

Forced release
Force transmit media frame length

G.168-2 echo canceller
G.711 codec
G.711 transmit buffer length
G.711 preferred receive buffer
G.711 transmit silence suppress
G.723 codec
G.723 transmit buffer length
G.723 transmit silence suppress
G.723 transmit 6.4kbps compress
G.723 preferred receive buffer
G.723 recive ask for suppress
G.729 codec
G.729 transmit buffer length
G.729 transmit silence suppress
G.729 preferred receive buffer
Gateway IP address
Gateway external IP address

H.323 protocol
H.323 gatekeeper identifier
H.323 RAS multicast port UDP
H.323 unicast port UDP
H.323 call signaling port TCP
H.245 terminal type
H.450 supplementary services
Hold message
Hold message download
Hold message remove
Hold message upload
Hot line
Howler tone

Ignore checksum in signaling (for H.323)
Ignore checksum in signaling (for SIP)
Ignore declared IP adresses
Incoming call only
Inhibit call transfer warning
Integrated fax server
IP address (system)
ISDN supplementary service 3-PTY
ISDN supplementary service AOC-D/E
ISDN supplementary service CCBS
ISDN supplementary service CCNR
ISDN supplementary service CFU
ISDN supplementary service CFNR
ISDN supplementary service CLIP
ISDN supplementary service CLIR
ISDN supplementary service COLP
ISDN supplementary service COLR
ISDN supplementary service ECT
ISDN supplementary service DDI
ISDN supplementary service HOLD
ISDN supplementary service MCID
ISDN supplementary service MSN
ISDN supplementary service UUS

Last number redial
LCR (least cost routing)
Local call ring type1 tone
Local call ring type2 tone
Local call ring type3 tone
Local call ring type4 tone
Lower algorithms disabled

Malicious call trace
Media jitter buffer
Melody composer
Message waiting
Message waiting by alerting
Message waiting callback
Multi station call
Multiple entry tone
Multiple hold tone
Music on hold
MWI (message waiting indicator)

Night service
No authorization check for common pool
Non discriminative ringing
No route if CMDR buffer is full

Outgoing call only
Overflow tone
Override charge pulse limit

Paramater store
Park message
Password login
Password update
Permitted call class
Port route
Port status

Records not reported
Redial on alerting timeout
Redial on destination busy
Redial on incomplete dialling
Reject diverted calls
Reject diverted calls activation
Reject diverted calls deactivation
Reminder message
Reminder message download
Reminder message remove
Reminder message upload
Reminder service
Reminder service activation
Reminder service deactivation
Reminder service tone
Reminder sequence
Remote port to send messages
Registrar / Gatekeeper type
Room house keeping
Room report
Room occupancy
Room query
Routed call pickup
RTP ToS-Diffservices
Runtime status of the system

Secondary dial tone
Security profile
SIP (session initiation protocol)
SIP supplementary services
SIP UDP signaling port
Single port routing
Speed dial memory
Statistics period
Subnet mask
Suspended calls cleared
System language
System name
System daylight saving
System time
System time zone
System parameter upload

Tie line
Trunk call ring tone

Upload Xymphony
User authorizations
User parameter upload
User pool
User pool update
Use rport in invite message
User service charges

Vacant tone
VMail (Voice Mail)
Voice mail quota full message
Voice mail quota full message download
Voice mail quota full message remove
Voice mail quota full message upload
Voice mail receive
Voice mail receive message
Voice mail receive message download
Voice mail receive message remove
Voice mail receive message upload
Voice mail send
Voice mail send message
Voice mail send message download
Voice mail send message remove
Voice mail send message upload
Voice message on alerting
Voice message on setup
Voice message play
Voice message quota for user
Voice message recording
Voice message set switch
VoIP route call capacity

Wake-up service
Web server
Web server login ID
Web server parameters reset
Web server password
Web server http port
Wellcome message
Wellcome message download
Wellcome message remove
Wellcome message upload

XCom API client utility integration
XMan utility integration
XPort utility integration
Xymphony operating system
Xymphony API client support
Xymphony API signaling port
Xymphony API server